Amy's practice is about a direct involvement with paint by using the immediacy of paint, the action of painting itself, as a process to take a hold of one’s own perceptions of the world, be it at a conscious and/or subconscious level. Amy is interested in the continual flux of everything, the potentiality of everything to be something else entirely, that is reflected within painting itself.

She looks at humanity’s relationship to ‘nature’ and the enmeshment of all things on multi-scalar levels. With research into post-human feminist thinking of interconnectedness through water, ways of thinking ecologically, and looking at perspectives of scale through geological ‘deep-time’, Amy is interested in how this all places doubt of what we know of as our bodies within space and time. Within this she is looking at her own personal experiences of love, loss, of her relationship to the ‘natural world’, and through looking at these existential, and at times spiritual, questions in tandem with the mundane, the everyday, with light-heartedness and a degree of humour. She is interested in painting to be a means to link the thought and ‘non-thought’ of these notions.