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Detritus and Other Stories - selected paintings 2014-2015

DSC_0003 4_edited.jpg

Broken Monotony

oil on linen

45x35cm, 2015


Untitled (Object)

oil on canvas

30x24cm, 2014


Untitled (Detritus)

oil on canvas

30x24cm, 2014

DSC_0012 2_edited.jpg

Carried Here

oil on canvas

24x30cm, 2014

Affirming the porosity of the human body, its own status as vibrant material, the new critical modes of interfacing with (nonhuman) matter exemplify [...] the queer potential of the nonhuman turn in its quest for intimacy with the world beyond the human.

-Dana Luciano, Sacred Theories of Earth, 2014

DSC_0018 4_edited.jpg

Untitled (Objects)

oil on canvas

50x45cm, 2014

DSC_0011 3_edited.jpg

Broken Montonoy, 2

oil on canvas

30x24cm, 2015



oil on acetate over photograph

12x9cm, 2014

DSC_0003 5_edited.jpg

Brokon Monotony, 3

oil on canvas

70x90cm, 2015

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