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Dreamers - selected paintings, 2016-2017

As it turned out, that paring down was really a step deeper into consciousness….Each moment of her attention contained a world

- Roni Horn, Among Essential Furnishings, 2012

Studio installation 2017


Duty Being

oil on canvas, oil on paper

31x21cm, 2017



oil on canvas, oil on paper

24x30cm, 2017

A4 Size 10-4-17 004.jpg

The Potential Object

oil on canvas

100x80cm, 2017

Dreamers, studio installation, 2017


Surge, group exhibition, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, 2017

But I Am It, oil on canvas and acrylic, watercolour and gouache on paper, 178x80cm

A4 Size 10-4-17 007_edited.jpg

The body grows outside,

The more convenient way,

That if the spirit like to hide,

Its temple stands alway

Ajar, secure, inviting;

It never did betray

The soul that asked its shelter

In timid honesty.

- Emily Dickinson, The Shelter

Start With What's Around You

oil on canvas

100x80cm, 2016

Tenure, Tender

oil and charcoal on canvas, oil, pencil and charcoal on paper

38x28cm, 2017

A4 Size 10-4-17 009.jpg
A4 Size 10-4-17 006.jpg


acrylic and oil on canvas

105x79cm, 2016



Ink and oil on raw canvas

45x40cm, 2016

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