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Selected paintings 2022

Night Talks, 33_edited.jpg

Night Talks

Oil on canvas, 33x38cm, 2022

Night Talk 1

Oil on canvas, 30x24cm, 2022

Night Talk 2, oil on canvas, 26x21cm_edi

Night Talk 2

Oil on canvas, 26x21cm, 2022


Oil on canvas, 46x41cm, 2022

Settle on Unsettle, 30x24cm_edited.jpg

Settle on Unsettle

Oil on canvas, 30x24cm, 2022

Bend, oil on canvas, 35x25cm_edited.jpg


Oil on canvas, 35x25cm, 2022

Second Thoughts

Oil on canvas, 35x38cm, 2022

My Eyes Trace Lines of Your Leaves

Oil on canvas, 25x20cm, 2022

Care Bond

Oil on canvas, 56x51cm, 2022

Like it or not, we are in the string figure game of caring for and with precarious worldings made terribly more precarious by fossil-burning man making new fossils as rapidly as possible in orgies of the Anthropocene and Capitalocene.

Diverse human and nonhuman players are necessary in every fibre of the tissues of the urgently needed Chthulucene story. The chief actors are not restricted to the too-big players in the too-big stories of Capitalism and Anthropos, both of which invite odd apocalyptic panics and even odder disengaged denunciations rather than attentive practices of thought, love, rage, and care.

 - Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble; Making Kin in the Chthulucene, 2016

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