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Interconnections - selected paintings 2015-2016

Ecology shows us that all beings are connected.  The ecological thought is the thinking of interconnectedness.  The ecological thought is a thought about ecology, but it’s also a thinking that is ecological.

- Timothy Morton, Being Ecological, 2018 

Interconnections, solo show at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, 2015

It was always by water where we would play. Somehow we were drawn to the edge where woodland met the river, where sea met sand or stone, where river met the sea, where the loch met the field. Our friendship was forged by the water’s edge. In the hours spent by a woodland burn that ran dipping and twisting through the trees to the rest of the world. Where rotting sticks, branches, moss and leaves – the flesh of the woods – were our toys. Here was our world condensed to waterside and earth, but this only opened up our world to a tangled mesh of interconnectivity. Our compass started from there and spread out with the movements of the weather. It was by water we excavated the riches of our imaginations. We created islands and continents, sought shelters and made homes, mapped our lives and lost our bearings until hunger and cold made us find our way back to the village. 

- Amy Winstanley, An Intimate Universe, 2019

8-5-15 015.jpg


oil on canvas

30x24cm, 2015



oil on canvas

55x46cm, 2015



oil on board

55x45cm, 2016


The Book on the Table and the World Outside

oil on board

55x45cm, 2016


Trust This Journey

oil on canvas

120x100cm, 2016/17


The Stove and the Table and the World Outside

oil on board

45x59cm, 2016

Be it life or death, we crave only reality.

- Henry David Thoreau, Waldon, 1854

8-5-15 001.jpg

Nothing But Being Itself

oil on canvas

160x140cm, 2015

8-5-15 006.jpg

Always Water

oil on canvas

150x120cm, 2015

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