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Moral Limb - solo show at Stallan Brand, Glasgow, November 2021

Painting 1 (Leaf Blowers).jpg

Leaf Blowers
Oil on canvas, 53x43cm, 2021

Painting 2 (Moral Limb).jpg

Moral Limb
Oil on canvas, 28x18cm, 2021

Painting 3 (Numb Eaters)_edited.jpg

Numb Eaters
Oil on canvas, 28x18cm, 2021

Painting 4 (Tincture).jpg

Oil on canvas, 43x38cm, 2021

Painting 5 (Here Been Before).jpg

Here Been Before
Oil and gouache on canvas, 32x27cm, 2021

Painting 6 (Untitled)_edited.jpg

Oil on canvas, 43x38cm, 2020

Painting 7 (Mad Urge)_edited.jpg

Mad Urge
Oil on canvas, 17x12cm, 2021

Painting 8 (Untitled).jpg

Oil on canvas, 53x48cm, 2021

We Used to Have Pearls

I once asked Old Mother what became of the pearls 
that decorated our oldest roofs.

She said the Spanish stole them in bags too heavy
to carry. Some of our pearls spilled over.

But in truth it was their own souls they carried.
No longer did they shine.

When your spirit no longer shines,
you crave gems.

They wore too much armour
even in the heat.

Old Mother said once your spirit fears the world
that world is broken.

That's when you create something to shield you
from imagined harm.

I think of them dragging our shining pearls
and remember they lived in armour.

Imagine the bodies inside it.

- Linda Hogan, A History of Kindness, 2020 
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