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Amy Winstanley (born 1983, UK) is an artist based in Glasgow. She has a MA from the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (2017-19) and a BA (Hons) in Sculpture from the Edinburgh College of Art (2001-05).


Amy's paintings are a reflection of the continual flux of all things whilst the action of painting, and immediacy of paint, fosters a means to take ahold of, and explore, her ideas.​ She is fascinated with entanglement on all scales, the intertwining of human and nonhuman relationships, and reads into eco-philosophy, feminist theory, and indigenous thought. Whilst painting, thoughts merge from this research with intuitive mark making drawn from personal experience, emotion and memory. As a result the paintings reside between a suggestion of things and an un-doing of depiction in a fluid way.

Recent solo exhibitions include Soft Spot at A_Place gallery, Glasgow (2024), Slim Glimpses at Cample Line, Dumfriesshire (2023), Lost Hap at Margot Samel, New York (2023), Moral Limb at Stallan-Brand, Glasgow (2021) and Grief Bruise  at Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow (2021). Recent group exhibitions include Out of Earth, The Approach, London (2024), Opening at A_Place, Glasgow (2023), Strangers at Rongwrong, Amsterdam (2022) and Potluck at Gallery 17717, Seoul (2021). Amy was nominated for the Sluijter prize for painting 2019 (Netherlands), and has been the recipient of the Hope Scott Trust award (2014) and the Creative Scotland Visual Arts Award (2010 and 2014). Along with the artist collective ALKMY she has published short stories and images in What Ties Ties, Ties (2020) and What Thoughts Think Thoughts (2021) both through Print Art Research Centre, Seoul.

Amy is represented by Margot Samel, New York.

Press release for Slim Glimpses, solo show at Cample Line, Dumfriesshire is here.

Press release for Lost Hap, solo show at Margot Samel, New York is here.

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