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STRANGERS - group show with Younwon Sohn, Kathrin Graf, Mariah Blue and Lana Murdochy at Rongwrong, Amsterdam, November 2022

RW (20)a_edited.jpg

Oil on canvas, 32x42cm, 2022

Oil on canvas, 43x38cm, 2022

Slide In
Oil on canvas, 32x27cm, 2022

Mariah Blue, Kathrin Graf, Lana Murdochy, Younwon Sohn and Amy Winstanley met whilst studying for their Master of Fine Art at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam (2017-19). They have exhibited together for their graduation show at Zone2Source Het Glazen Huis, Amsterdam (2019), produced a film "Potluck" and exhibited together for their group show at Gallery 17717, Seoul (2019), and also published a collection of essays and texts in "What ties ties, ties" and images in "What thoughts think thoughts" both published by Print Art Research Centre, Seoul. Their individual practices encompas painting, sculpture, performance and video, and span subjects of identity, eco-philosophy, feminist theory, protest, technology, and domestic life. 


STRANGERS explores where and how the boundaries blur between human and non-human bodies; how much we know and don't know those who are familiar, and the acknowledgement of entanglement with all we encounter.


Accompanying the show is a new comissioned text by Harriet Foyster, which can be read here.

The show was generously supported by Arts Council Korea (ARKO) Dutch-Culture and Internationsl Partnership in Support of Arts Creation (ISAC).

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